Planned Giving: Appreciated Stock

Because of some unique tax advantages, giving stock can be more beneficial than giving cash!

How it works: You can transfer appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual funds that you have held for longer than one year. United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties will sell these donated securities and use the proceeds to support programs.

How you make the gift: Contact UWOWC for assistance with transfer instructions. If you own securities in a brokerage account, we can help you set up an electronic transfer of shares to our brokerage account. If you possess actual stock certificates, we can tell you how to sign the certificates over to us and fill out a stock power form.

Benefits to you:

  • You get an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of your securities on the date of transfer, no matter what you originally paid for them.
  • You pay no capital gains tax on the transfer.
  • Because of the appreciation factor, gifts of securities will cost you less than giving the same amount in cash.

Other Planned Giving Options:

PLEASE NOTE: Planned gifts like those mentioned here are legal documents. Please consult with a qualified third party (for example, a lawyer or CPA) about planning and implementing these gifts.

Please contact us with any questions.