Planned Giving: Wills

Planned gifts made through your will are very flexible and do not affect current cash flow.

How it works: Include a bequest to Pikes Peak United Way in your will. You just indicate a specific amount you would like to give or a percentage of any remaining balance of your estate.

How you make the gift: Make a simple designation in your will.

Benefits to you:

  • It’s simple. A short paragraph in your will can set up your gift.
  • It’s flexible. You can give a specific asset or a share of your estate. Your bequest can support a particular program or allow United Way to use it to meet the most critical health and human service needs.
  • It’s revocable. A bequest is a gift that doesn’t affect your current asset balance or cash flow. If your plans change, you can easily revise it.

Other Planned Giving Options:

PLEASE NOTE: Planned gifts like those mentioned here are legal documents. Please consult with a qualified third party (for example, a lawyer or CPA) about planning and implementing these gifts.

Please contact us with any questions.