Planned Giving

Invest in a promising future for you and your community. United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties can make it happen.

Since 1957, together with our community partners, we have successfully tapped into the power of collective giving to provide creative, long-term solutions to meet the most pressing health and human service needs in the Okaloosa and Walton Counties. Planned gifts provide the financial security to continue our vital work.

Explore the Planned Giving options below to see how you can make a great impact in our community:

PLEASE NOTE: Planned gifts like those mentioned here are legal documents. Please consult with a qualified third party (for example, a lawyer or CPA) about planning and implementing these gifts.

Please contact us with any questions.

Will You Leave a Legacy?

Whether you think of yourself as rich or poor or somewhere in between, a planned gift to United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties can make a difference in the lives of so many for generations to come.  Even a small amount can have a big impact over time.  You can, in fact, leave a legacy.

How?  By leaving money to your loved ones and to your favorite charities.  Some people think they must choose between family and charity, but you can leave gifts to both.  And some charitable gifts may actually save your family money by decreasing inheritance taxes.

It’s easy to get started:

  • Prepare a will to ensure that your hard-earned dollars go to the people and institutions that you care about.  Gifts can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of your total estate.
  • Contact your financial adviser (a financial planner, lawyer or accountant) and ask for help in establishing a charitable gift annuity, which would allow you to support United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties financially while your gift returns to you both tax benefits and lifetime income.
  • Consider making United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties a beneficiary of your IRA.
  • Think beyond cash – you can leave a life insurance policy, stocks and personal property.  A life insurance death benefit, for instance, may be considerably greater than the premiums paid, enabling you to contribute a future sum much larger than a current gift of cash.

How Can I Make a Difference?

First, keep in mind that you don’t have to be wealthy to make a significant gift to United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties.

Your gift made through a bequest in your will, a charitable gift annuity or through life insurance can ensure numerous benefits not only for United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties but for you and your family as well.

How do I make a bequest in my will?
After you have made all arrangements to care for your family, you have the option to leave a tax deductible gift to a charity in your estate.Sample language: “I, [name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted use and purpose.”

What is a gift annuity?
A gift annuity is a contractual agreement in which United Way Okaloosa and Walton Counties, in return for a transfer of cash, securities/stocks or property, agrees to pay a fixed sum of money paid for a period of time.

How do I make a gift through an insurance policy?
If you have a life insurance policy that is no longer needed to provide for your family or for estate liquidity, then you could transfer it to United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties in exchange for a gift annuity. The proceeds could also be surrendered and contributed outright.

It would be our pleasure to work with you and your legal or financial advisers on a Planned Gift to United Way of Okaloosa and Walton Counties. Please contact United Way at 850-243-0315.